Don't Walk... Run Dude
outrun the competition
RunDude.Com is for sale. Minimum bid $1.25 million.
           Contact us with a serious bid at

Sports Marketing   Fantasy Sports***
Football  Basketball  Baseball  Soccer    
Athletic Shoes   Sneakers   Running Shoes

Seed the crowd at Football and Bowl Games etc...
shouting and chanting in unison "Run Dude" on big plays... instant cultural "viral" placement
Track and Field   Rugby  Skateboarding
Running  Walking  Working Out

Youth     Adventure    Gen X   Gen Y
Target a whole new broad and vertical demographic...

You want these ...all present:
Memorability: Excellent
Marketability: Excellent  
Extension: Excellent
Cool Factor: Way Cool  ! !
Clarity: Excellent

Length: very good
Word count: very good
Hyphens: not present
Numerals: not present
Substitutions: not present
Abbreviations: not present
All contact information kept strictly confidential.
Television   Streaming Video   Multimedia   Internet  Website
Digital Media  Broadcasting  

Projected Revenue for 2007:
Radio & Television Broadcasting   $59 Billion
Spectator Sports                        $25 Billion
Athletic Footwear                              $19 Billion
2006 Internet Advertising Spending for Retail, Media, Apparel and Sporting Goods Sectors totaled more than                                $2 Billion **
**Data compiled from Advertising Age 2006 factbooks
this is the latest available
***Fantasy Sports                            $4 Billion ***

"Despite the dominance of television and event sponsorships in the sports marketing landscape, sports sites are emerging as key venues for content and advertising," said Paul Verna, eMarketer senior analyst.
Give "Mikey" and the other brands a "Run" for their money.

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Created by 
Timberwolf Productions / Quartermaine
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   SCENARIO Hidden camera
Exuberant group on couch in front of TV. Chips, pizza, drinks etc.

The ball is in the air... What a catch...
look at him go...the crowd is going wild


It doesn’t get any better than this...

Every game, every time... Run Dude.
RunDude.Com is for sale... Brandable Cool Run Dude
Running Shoes

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***Knowledge @ Wharton Business School link Run Dude Football Sports
Run Dude Best Sneakers
Tap These Huge Markets
Total market potential approx.  $110 Billion
Run Dude Running Sneakers Sports Marketing by Gina Quartermaine

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